Director & Founder

From being an observer in sets, the son of a food caterer; he became a superstar – the highest paid actor in Tollywood. This is the story of Dev. Born in Manisha, a small village near Keshpur, Dev as a child grew up in Mumbai where he used to often accompany his father to the sets of Abbas – Mastan and Prakash Jha, where he first tasted his love for cinema in the set of Prahaar (1991). Since then, he forged himself into one of the most successful actors of Tollywood.

Dev started his acting career with Agnishapath (2006) which was unfortunately a box office flop. Still determined, he got his breakthrough success in I Love You (2007). With his film Challenge (2009), he got his golden ticket to stardom. A critical and commercial success, it won him many laurels and made him a household name. He garnered more commercial success and wider attention through his successful films like Le Chakka (2010), Dui Prithibi (2010), Paglu (2011), Challenge 2 (2012), Khoka 420 (2013), Rangbaaz (2013), and Chander Pahar (2013). In 2016, he founded Dev Entertainment Ventures Pvt. Ltd. in order to pursue his dream of producing modern movies which leaves its mark in Indian cinema. He released four films under his banner since then – Chaamp (2017), Cockpit (2017), Kabir (2018) and Hoichoi Unlimited (2018) all of which received critical and commercial success.


Director & Founder

Gurupada Adhikari always had an interest in cinema. He used to be a food caterer to the likes of Abbas – Mastan and Prakash Jha. His love for cinema also had a profound influence on his son Dev, who used to accompany him to the sets of films in the making. This turned out for the best as Dev grew up to be one of the most successful actors in Tollywood.

In 2016, Dev founded Dev Entertainment Ventures Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Adhikari is now the Director of the company and is fully driven to make his son’s dream of creating modern cinema into a reality.