“We don’t make movies, we tell stories” – This is the vision with what we started out as a feature film production company. This is our dream. Our goal. We work to our fullest every day to make this into reality. We strive to bring forth the most entertaining films into the world of Bengali cinema. Started by actor Dev, his dream was put forth into motion by us and it still goes strong. “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower” – is a famous quote by icon Steve Jobs which we take to our hearts to create modern cinema unlike anyone else. This is what everyone expects in a new film. And that is exactly what we serve. Action? Check. Drama? Just about enough. Comedy? Plentiful. Romance? Of course we love that. Is it entertaining? You bet. We started our journey with our debut feature Chaamp, an inspiring movie about boxing. We followed it by Cockpit, a thrilling movie unlike anything before which is based on a true airplane incident. Soon came Kabir, a thought provoking insight into terrorism, war, and peaceful coexistence. Our latest outing Hoichoi Unlimited, is a laugh out riot featuring an ensemble cast and lots of love. Our upcoming project Subhashini Mistry is a biographical film based on the brave story of Subhashini Mistry, a Padma Shri receiver, who is considered as an “Unsung and Unknown Heroine” of India. Dev Entertainment Ventures is a pioneer at promoting its content in the social and digital media. Be it an array of graphic posters or out of the box promotional videos, the social media pages of Dev Entertainment Ventures are the hottest and hippest in the industry today. Add to that our ground breaking promotional events which constantly creates buzz among the cine-goers.